The Quiet of the Snow

The Quiet of the Snow
©2006 Pat Wictor (BMI)

Snow falls soft in the country
Trees have lost their leaves, but the branches are alive
With silent sparkles fallen from the sky

Put on your boots and warmest coat
A wonderworld outside, calls softly on the breeze
Come walking through the snow with me

Let us walk without a sound
And make our voices low
Hear love whisper all around
In the quiet of the snow

Snow falls hard in the city
Shovel, plow, and salt, sidewalk slip and slide
Better leave an extra hour for the ride

Let us seize the moment
Before it turns to slush, in these hushed-up city streets
Come walking through the snow with me


Snow falls light on the passing years
One hair at a time, the silver comes to stay
Blessings of love deepen every day



PW:  vocals, acoustic guitar, lap steel, acoustic lap slide
Tom Prasada-Rao:  keyboards, percussion, vocals
Denise O'Brien:  vocals