I can't give my love no silver and no gold
She don't hold her riches in her hand
She told me her love is the finest marigold
And it can't be bought by any man

    In the long and easy silence
    In the sigh of eventide, I know our love is true
    The bell's quiet toll, the whisper of the soul
    The stillness of our love coming through

Summertime my love and I went up the mountain side
The world a-humming soft and simple tunes
Shining like the sun, full of love she cannot hide
A bride on her wedding afternoon


Here we are, my love, in the autumn of our lives
With thoughts of distant daughters and sons
Winter soon will come to the solemn riverside
With waters all running into one


PW:  lap slide guitar, vocal
Jon Carroll:  organ
Cheryl Prashker: drums
Don Porterfield:  bass
Joe Jencks: vocals
Helena Nash: vocals
written by Pat Wictor (Tell A Tale Music/BMI)