That's the Way It's Gonna Be

If you say all the good times are gone,
If you say this rain will keep rainin' on
I'll walk along with my head held high
Findin' a song and I'll sing it to the sky
I may be wrong, but I'll live 'til I die
That's the way it's gonna be....... Wait and see

Though you say the devil knocks at my door
Though you say my ship will not reach the shore
I've got a will and a thousand ways,
I've got a dream of a thousand better days
I've got a smile that just stays and stays
That's the way it's gonna be........Wait and see.

Though you say I've reached the end of my road
Though you say my tides are all running low
Victory is waitin' for me round the bend,
I won't stay down til the count of ten
I've said it before, and I'll say it again
That's the way it's gonna be...... Wait and see


Pat Wictor:  vocal and guitar
Cheryl Prashker:  drums
Mark Murphy:  bass
Joe Jencks and Helena Nash: harmonies
written by Phil Ochs and Bob Gibson
(Barricade Music/ASCAP, admin. Almo Music
and Robert Josiah Publishing/BMI, admin. Wixen Music)