Your Gentle Soul Surrounds Me

from Heaven Is So High...And I'm So Far Down BUY MySongstore

Your gentle soul surrounds me like a harbor from the sea
And all the tears and shipwrecked years that haunt my memory
Are held at bay for one more day, each time I see you smile
Your gentle soul surrounds me for a little while

Your gentle soul deserves more than a battered, war-torn thief
Who comes to you with pockets bare of caring or belief
Whose dice from this broken cup have made their final toss
Your gentle soul surrounds me, or I'm as good as lost

Your gentle soul knows all of that, and doesn't seem to care
You brave the buried places where an angel wouldn't dare
All of my old instincts say, come on boy, time to leave
Your gentle soul surrounds me, and I'm starting to believe
I'm starting to believe


PW:  vocals, acoustic lap slide guitar, electric lap steel
written by Charles Nolan (BMI)

updated: 13 years ago