I Will Walk With You

I am owner of no light, and I cannot be your guide
My eyes cannot see through the unknown
I will sure and steady stride through the darkness at your side
I will see to it you do not go alone

I will take upon my shoulders your worries and your woes
I will walk with you down your darkest road
On your passage into shadows, you will not go alone
I will walk with you down your darkest road

When the briar and the thorn on your path are overgrown
And the dark heart of the wood is still ahead
I will swing the woodsman's blade, for to clear the brambled shade
And make passage for your tired feet to tread

When at last your weary head takes the earth for its bed
I'll watch over your sleep until dawn
But now hearken to the trees, you can hear the night-birds sing
Sing a song for wandering souls far from home


PW:  vocals, resonator guitar, acoustic guitar, dobro
Cheryl Prashker: percussion
Freebo:  bass
Jim Ypsilantis: guitar
Radoslav Lorkovic: accordion
Jen Schonwald: harmony vocals
Joe Jencks:  harmony vocals

by Pat Wictor, Tell-A-Tale Music (BMI)