Pat Wictor CD Project, pt2: what's in it for you

Dear folks--

An addendum to my outpouring of good news yesterday--a couple of goodies I can offer for folks who participate in my "Barn-Raising":

•-For a contribution of $100 or more to the recording projects, you will receive a signed copy of each CD ("Sunset Waltz" and the forthcoming Phil Ochs CD), and a thank-you in each CD booklet.

•-For contributing $50-99, you will receive signed copies of both "Sunset Waltz" and the Phil Ochs CD.

•-Folks contributing $20-49 will receive a signed copy of "Sunset Waltz."

Everyone contributing any amount will receive a big hug the next time I see you, and the irrefutable knowledge that you helped make the beautiful CD in your hand possible.

In my haste yesterday, I left all of this out.  My apologies!  D'oh!

Off to do more recording today!




From my note yesterday:

Yes, it's ambitious, folks, and here's where you come in.  I've financed all my past efforts with my own resources, and the help of a few close family members and friends.   I'm now reaching out to you, to the whole community of listeners enjoying my music, and inviting you to participate in financing this project.  A lot of artists are doing something similar, and have shown that it's a viable and powerful grass-roots approach to financing big projects.

I've already contacted several longtime fans and friends, who each contributed $100 or more apiece--they've raised over $2500 towards the budget!  I'd like to raise another $5000, which seems competely doable.  Here's how:

*If you can, contribute $100 (or more) towards the project.  I measure my own expenditures in terms of auto repairs:  this is only 1/15 of a transmisson, and much less than the price of, well, almost anything you'd ever need repaired on your car.  ;-)

*Of course, any fraction of the above will be most helpful, effective, appreciated, and useful.  Please feel welcome to help in whatever amount is comfortable to you!

Here are a couple ways of delivery:

•Via PayPal.  This is the quickest, easiest, and most paper-free way to do it.  You don't have to be a PayPal member to send money, and it's a fully encrypted, safe way to conduct transactions.  Go to, click on "Send Money," and send to

•Send a check, payable to "Pat Wictor":  Pat Wictor, P.O. Box 090884,  Brooklyn, NY  11209-0884.

Thanks thanks thanks and

Warm regards,

Pat Wictor

P.S.  Everyone on this list signed up for it.  If you'd like off, just reply

with "Remove" in the subject heading.  It will be done.  :-)  -PW


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