New CD "Living Ever-Lovin LIVE" now available!  and an invitation to read together

Hi folks--

Here's wishing you and your dearest ones a warm holiday season, filled with the comforts of family, friends, and good music.  

My usual newsletter is coming out in a few days, but I have some breaking news that can't wait:   I've got a new CD!  And if you'd like to get it as a stocking-stuffer, we can make it happen!

"Living Ever-Lovin' LIVE" captures several live performances from over the summer.  It features several new love songs, a couple "Wictorizations" of some older ones of mine, and some wonderful collaborations with Abbie Gardner of Red Molly, Toby Walker, Stephanie Corby and David Glaser.  Carl Cacho makes a guest appearance on a song of his that I cover too.  

To listen to it and to purchase it, go here:

All CD orders will be shipped in 2 days or less.

And those of you who pre-ordered the CD--thank you, you made it possible!  They were mailed out today and yesterday, so you'll have it soon!

I'm doing CD release shows starting in January--I'll have the complete schedule up on my website, and in my newsletter, in a couple days.

More news:

I'm leading a reading of Homer's "Odyssey" starting in January, and I wanted to extend to you an invitation to read with me.   People all over the country will read on the same schedule, and we'll get together on conference calls (on January 19, February 9, and March 9) to discuss the book.  It's easy, it's free, and it's a satisfying, low-pressure way to read one of the foundational stories of our civilization.   No grades, no tuition, no quizzes.  :-) For more information, and join me, go here:

The translation we're reading is by Stanley Lombardo, who honed the text through public performances.   The translation is poetic AND accessible, brilliantly done.  

Wanna see for yourself?  Lombardo himself is doing a reading of excerpts from "The Odyssey" that you can listen to--in the privacy of your own home!-- this Monday night (Dec. 14), at 8:00pm EST.  It's also free!  For more info, and to listen in, go here:

More about the Reading Odyssey, the non-profit I helped co-found with my friend Phil Terry, as a "sandbox" in which adults can play with great ideas:

That's all for now--will get the next edition of "A Few Choice Words" out in a few days.

Thanks again for listening, and
Warm regards,
Pat Wictor

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